Intelligent Alternatives to Conventional Construction

New Materials for Conventional Problems

Advantic is a global team of Professional Engineers who leverage cutting-edge advanced polymer materials to design, fabricate, and deliver structural systems for the civil infrastructure market.

Advantic integrates specialty structural engineering with our advanced polymer building materials to craft new solutions to both old and new problems in infrastructure construction and remediation. Advantic engages from concept to completion, working with you to conceptualize, engineer, document, manufacture, certify, and, if required, manage the installation of any advanced polymer structural system.

Manufacturing New Materials
Leading-Edge Structural Systems

Our proprietary materials solutions and advanced structural systems are proven to allow customers to design, bid, and build more competitively by reducing shut-down duration, as well as design, labor, and material costs. In documented case studies outlined below, Advantic solutions have saved our customers millions of dollars, and upwards of 50% in labor costs.

While our technical strengths lie in proprietary and commercial structural polymer systems, our professional reputation is founded in trust. Advantic listens to the details of our customer’s challenges, and provides customized response to enable satisfaction of key drivers and objectives while maintaining cost, safety, and asset life cycle efficiencies.


Advantic Materials

Conventional materials build conventional structures in the conventional way. That’s not our goal.

Advantic has developed a suite of proprietary polymer systems which we deploy in combination with other structural materials to achieve superior performance while optimizing against requirements.

Advantic's polymer systems are 75% lighter than concrete with similar strength properties, they don't corrode, don't absorb water and have an extremely low thermal conductivity. Advantic's materials DO transmit RF signals, they ARE Class A fire rated, they can exhibit blast & ballistic mitigation characteristics and they ARE tailorable to your solution and budget.

We capture the value in advanced materials. For you.

Design Your Future With New Materials

Join a fast paced, industry leader providing a fresh perspective on timeworn problems.

At Advantic we rethink old problems with a shift in mindset.

Our progressive approach offers a pioneering environment where you can help fix global aging infrastructure with advanced materials, building a smarter foundation to better serve future generations.


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