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Due to market pull for Advantic® materials , CRG Industries is pleased to announce the spin-off company, Advantic LLC. Advantic LLC manufactures Advantic® materials and fulfills Advantic® material orders for CRG Industries.

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CRG Industries and Advantic LLC are subsidiaries of CRG, Inc.


What could you do with 35 pcf concrete?

What if your concrete would never corrode?

What if your walls were transparent to radio frequency communications?

What if you could leverage value engineering to save your client millions?

Advantic® provides lightweight alternatives to conventional precast concrete. We combine value engineering with disruptive innovation to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution for your project.

By leveraging our tailorable capabilities—from basic structural elements to sophisticated intelligent systems—we have helped our customers save millions of dollars.

Contact us to discuss your current and future projects.

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Features & Benefits

35 pcf at 4,000 psi

20,000 psi capable

Long-span forms

Does not corrode

Meets fire codes

RF transparent

Reduced supporting structure

Rapid and simplified installation

Easy field modification

Customizable geometries

Tailorable surface finishes

Integrated intelligence

Thermal barrier

Acoustic damping

Electrically insulative

Blast mitigative


Comparable in strength to the many formulations of conventional concrete, Advantic products offer many benefits that make them the right decision for cost savings and superior performance. Advantic provides proprietary polymer syntactic materials in a variety of product forms:

Structural Elements

From simple nonstructural panels to long-span structural members, Advantic materials offer designers the ability to lower project costs through reduced overall structural weight, multifunctional performance capabilities, equipment and labor simplification, and schedule acceleration.

While conventional building construction materials are often commodity items, Advantic structural elements are custom designed for each application.  Advantic professional engineers leverage their expertise in conventional structural engineering and experience with Advantic advanced materials development to design a solution specific to your need.

Here’s how it works:


Customized Performance

RF Transmissivity: Unlike other conventional wall and floor sections, Advantic wall and floor sections have been designed to be practically invisible to a broad band of frequencies, including radio frequency communication.

FST Compliance: Advantic floor and wall panels have been formulated to meet customer requirements for stringent flame, smoke, and toxicity in both the transportation and civil infrastructure markets.

Acoustic Damping: Conventional building materials are not optimized to control sound transmission.  Advantic has developed structural sections that provide superior acoustic mitigation in demanding applications.

Strength and Failure Mode Control: Advantic has the ability to tailor both the panel strength and failure mode to meet structural requirements, from economical forms for secondary structure to highly energy absorptive forms advantageous for primary structures, progressive damage and collapse design, or sacrificial hinge behavior.


Intelligent Infrastructure

Leveraging millions of dollars of federally funded research and development activities performed by our parent company (CRG) , Advantic intelligent infrastructure has the ability to integrate Advantic materials with intelligent systems, from conventional wiring to cutting-edge electronic systems.

What if your next structural wall could…

…incorporate Smart Building or other sensor platforms, supporting electronics, and transmission capabilities?

…provide encased, protected power distribution?

…meet the ever-changing security, defense, and homeland security needs?

Contact us for a more extensive discussion to find out in more detail how your project can benefit from Advantic structural elements with intelligent functionality.


Specialty Engineered Systems

Advantic’s custom polymer syntactic materials have been used in a variety of markets for over ten years.

Contact us today to discuss your unique project.

ses-1Underwater Buoyancy

One of the most common applications of polymer syntactic materials is undersea buoyancy. Advantic materials have been used in many undersea applications such as energy exploration, submerged sensor systems, and undersea vehicles.

Medical Equipment

Today’s medical imaging systems require tables and support systems that are strong, lightweight, and provide consistent dielectric performance. Advantic provides advanced engineering, formulation, and processing capabilities to help our customers meet their stringent performance specifications.

High-Voltage Insulationses-3

Advantic materials have been used in unique high voltage applications. Advantic engineers customize high purity materials to meet dielectric constant, dielectric strength, dielectric breakdown strength, and arc resistance requirements while providing sufficient mechanical performance to survive demanding environments.


Concept to Completion

Professional Engineeringfea

While advanced materials solutions may seem like a good fit for your project, you don’t need a sales pitch—you need information in your language. Advantic’s experienced professional engineers are highly regarded in their respective communities. We deliver value to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors through transparent, pragmatic working relationships. We understand your world, because it’s ours, too.

Seamless Integration

We differentiate ourselves by offering value-engineering services that go beyond introducing our products’ capabilities. We have the experience and expertise to collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate Advantic products into your project.

Advantic InstallationConstruction Support

Advantic supports our customers in all phases of a project, from conceptual design, through submittal and approval processes, to installation. Our staff has decades of experience in both design and project management as well as field work in virtually all types of construction, from heavy infrastructure to high tech facilities.

Capacity to Deliver

Advantic materials are produced in our manufacturing facilities in Kettering, Ohio. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, Advantic stands ready to meet your needs and deliver product on time.

Our supply chain is flexible and responsive, and we are positioned to increase production capacity as market pull demands.

Do you have a challenge for us? Our technical and production staff is supported by the scientists, engineers, and facilities of our parent company, CRG, Inc. Contact us for further discussion.

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